Where Fashion and Wearables Meet

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In this year’s New York Fashion Week we’re seeing more of a recently emerging trend: People sporting wearables, not just for the features, but also for fashion.

Fitness or fashion?

Many would agree this trend began when celebrities like Beyonce began posting Instagram selfies wearing their Apple Watches despite the watches being powered down. This lead to the understanding that fitness trackers and smart jewellery are as much about style as they are about function.

On the runway

Read more about the wearable tech making it down the runways this year, here. Keep your eyes on this trend for London Fashion week that kicks off this Friday, February 19th.

The Belty Good Vibes design

When we created Belty Good Vibes we knew we wanted to make a unique wearable that met the needs for both wellness and style. We partnered with L’Aiglon to combine premium quality leather with our technology for a stylish, high-end wellness accessory. We also made the straps customizable to make Belty totally versatile.

Do you incorporate smart accessories into your style?