5 Tips to Increase Productivity and Shorten Your Workday

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People across the globe are working longer hours than ever before. The increase in personal devices and connectivity keeps us perpetually ‘on the clock’. It’s almost impossible not to work overtime, especially since it has become a kind of status symbol in our society. The truth is that these long hours are detrimental to our health and to our job performance. Try these 5 tips to increase your productivity while shortening your workday:

1. Understand your body’s natural rhythm

It’s important to organize your day around your body’s natural clock. Tackle difficult tasks when your energy is at its highest level. For many people this is first thing in the morning. Save easier, routine tasks for periods when your energy regularly dips, like late afternoon. Everyone is different, so it’s important to understand your own rhythm.

2. Don’t multitask

The brain is not good at is multi-tasking, or switching rapidly between tasks. Nothing gets your full attention and you’re more likely to forget things and make errors. It’s best to focus on one thing at a time.

3. Create routines

Our brains are wired to be very good at performing patterns. Establishing routines around the way you carry out regular tasks makes you more efficient and productive. For example, create rules to automate how you check email, respond to routine requests and file documents. Every time you perform a task the same way, you become more efficient at it.

4. Batch similar tasks together

The brain also learns and executes complex tasks by lumping together similar items. Leverage this ability by scheduling similar tasks back-to-back. For example, you may make all of your phone calls one after another, or draft and send emails at one time.

5. Take breaks

Complex tasks like writing and planning can take a lot of mental effort, and your brain can only focus for a limited amount of time. It’s critical to take breaks and let your brain rest. Take a walk or socialize for a bit. Then when you get back to work, you’re energized again.