Five of the Coolest Trends in Hearables

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Within the realm of wearables, hearable devices are making waves. Hearables can change the way you perceive your environment, reduce stress and change how you experience music. Here are 5 of the coolest trends happening in hearables.

1. Sounds for stress

It’s no secret that music plays strongly on our emotions. It can evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, fear and anticipation. It is also very useful as a relaxation tool. As technology allows us to collect more data from ourselves, a new device has found a way to perfectly tailor the right rhythms to best relax you in a time of stress. BioBeats is a startup with a smartphone app to help you to take control of your stress levels through musical mindfulness and clinically proven breathing techniques.

BioBeat’s Hear and Now app uses heart rate and skin temperature data collected from an accompanying wearable around your wrist along with its own artificial intelligence software to prescribe the perfect music and breathing technique to help you reduce your stress.

2. Next-level sound

Tech company 3D Sound Labs has created the most relaxing and seamless listening experience through 3D sound.  3D Sound One headphones reproduce the experience you would get from a speaker setup in your living room, in a pair of headphones you can take anywhere. It gives you a more relaxed experience by reducing the listening fatigue.

3. Sound you can really feel

Transforming sounds into physical sensations is an idea that’s been used by video game consoles and cinemas for years. Wearable company SubPac has taken this idea further by creating a wearable subwoofer.

The backpack-looking device allows users to feel explosions and in-game audio. It has potential to change how you listen to music as well. Music producers have begun to wear them in the studio.

4. Audio picture

Given how many transformations photography has gone through with the emergences of smart devices, it’s surprising no one has thought of this one sooner. A new wearable allows you to record moments of real time audio without ever having to have your device at the ready. Kapture Audio constantly records in 60-second loops, so when you hear something you want to remember, or say something the right way, or hear a song you love, or anything at all, you can push a button and save it to your smart phone. No more forgetting

5. Noise filters

We’ve seen earbud technology advance in recent years, with better sound quality and wireless connection. One company is taking them even further. A new earbud product called Here One has been dubbed “the world’s first in-ear computing platform.” 

Here One earbuds not only play music and act as an extension of your smartphone, taking and making calls. They also contain special audio processing technology allowing you to customize what you hear. For example, you can turn off the sound of a baby crying — you’ll hear everything except the baby. Or if you’re in a noisy restaurant and trying to have a conversation, you can turn off the noise of background chatter. 

These audio tricks require high-performance processing, which takes place in the earbuds. The sounds of the environment are recorded, processed, and then replayed with the offending sound filtered out so quickly that you can’t detect the delay.