Biggest Benefits to Improving Wellness in the Workplace

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Health in the workplace has become a big priority, and wearables are a huge asset to putting wellness initiatives into place. Companies are working to find the best ways to use wearables like fitness trackers and smart devices to encourage healthier lifestyles for their employees. Here are the three biggest benefits to improving wellness in the workplace.

Building morale

Employers are learning how important it is to promote a healthy work-life balance. Some companies are taking further responsibility for the health of employees by implementing unique wellness programs to engage their employees with. A popular method is to make activity tracking a social event, either by individuals or by creating teams. This helps to build healthy competition amongst fellow employees and create a feeling of community in the workplace.

Increasing productivity

Incorporating wearable tech devices into your company’s wellness program can lead also to increased productivity in the workplace. Studies reveal that employees who use wearable tech for wellness and activity purposes see a boost in productivity and job satisfaction. Wearables like Belty that promote increased activity also reduce stress through the release of endorphins.

Reduce company spending

If a company wellness program is successful in improving the health of employees, it will also decrease absenteeism and reducing company healthcare spending. A healthy employee is a happier, more productive employee who will be less expensive to insure. More and more employers are recognizing this as they see the cost benefits of providing wearables to employees as an incentive to make healthier lifestyle habits.