Natural Headache Relief

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We all get headaches at some point, and for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s from too little sleep, or staring at a screen too long, a headache can make even the simplest tasks unbearable. Reaching for painkillers is a bad habit to get into. It can have damaging effects on your digestive system, kidneys and liver. Next time a headache strikes, give one of these natural remedies a try first.


Due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is particularly effective at soothing headaches. Drinking ginger tea is an easy, and tasty, way to ingest it. You can buy it ready in the bag, or make your own by grinding a 1cm piece of ginger root and stirring into boiled water. Alternatively, ginger is a great addition to a smoothie!


Inhaling the herb has been shown to relieve stress-related headaches. Using peppermint oil, take a deep inhale, or massage it directly into your temples to reduce tension.


The capasaicin in cayenne peppers has been proven to cure headaches by desensitizing nerve endings. Start with a quarter teaspoon of cayenne in half a glass of water. Then soak the head of a cotton swab in the mixture and apply to the inside of your nostrils. A slight burning sensation occurs, but it disappears quickly – along with your headache.


Among its many health uses, magnesium can also be used to relieve tough headaches. It is believed this is because it affects changes in the blood vessels in the brain. Research also shows that people who suffer from migraines often have low levels of the mineral. Take daily once checking with your doctor or pharmacist.

Vitamin B2

Just like magnesium, vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) has many health benefits. It turns out relieving headaches is one of them. Taking the vitamin daily can help prevent migraines for frequent sufferers.


Studies show that a nap can reduce any type of pain. If you have a friend or loved one around, ask for a light massage to help reduce tension around your head, neck and shoulders.

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