Best Wellness Trends of 2016

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Wellness has remained a global trend and top priority for many over the last few years. It’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends, and even harder to determine if they are worth the hype. Here is a recap of the best wellness trends of the last year that are worth holding onto in 2017.

Meditation Apps

Much like the practice of yoga in previous years, meditation became mainstream in 2016. It is now a fully acknowledged wellness tool used in many workplaces and schools across the world. This demand has lead to the emergence of meditation apps such as Headspace, Calm, and Stop Breathe and Think. These apps offer short, guided mediations that are easy to integrate into anyone’s busy day.

Floatation therapy

We used to call them sensory deprivation tanks, but they’ve been rebranded as flotation therapy more recently. Especially popular in Los Angeles, flotation therapy is another top Google Trend for 2016. Being suspended and floating in salt water has been found to reduce stress, improve sleep and reduce chronic pain.

Sound therapy

While the knowledge that music and sound can alter emotion is not necessarily new, using it as a wellness tool is. South baths are also popular in California, with users claiming to experience deep relaxation and reduced stress.


According to Google Trends, Americans are totally hooked on matcha. Available in many forms from traditional tea to ice cream, this powdered green tea has many worthwhile health benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants and polyphenols that are tied to protection against heart disease and cancer. The key to matcha health benefits come from its powdered-leaf form, which makes it more potent than regular tea that is an infusion from steeped tea leaves.


With healthy pastimes and activities replacing the traditional ‘going out’ weekend routine, it’s no surprise that the home has become a major focal point. For some, this means ‘nesting’, which is essentially staying in and relaxing instead of going out drinking and dancing. For others, this means giving your home an entire overhaul from de-cluttering to downsizing to making your home a personalized sanctuary.

Healthy Travel

In a similar trend, the focus of travel has begun to shift from party-time to rest and relaxation as health spas replace booze cruises. Wellness resorts and eco-retreats are booming to answer the needs of travellers looking for a more relaxed holiday experience.