How Transformative Technology is Changing the World

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Today, people across the globe are generally comfortable using technology. They welcome advancements in technology, particularly ones that improve the quality of their everyday life. To answer this desire, there is an entire industry dedicated to creating technologies that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience called Transformative Technology. What is transformative technology? Transformative technology seeks to help people access and develop their mental and emotional wellbeing so that they can experience their best selves every day. Simply speaking, transformative technologies (or ‘transtech’) are scientific devices and…read more

How Clean is the Air in Your Home and Workplace?

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When we talk about air quality, most of us think of environmental pollutants in the outdoors. However, the average person spends 90 per cent of their life indoors. How clean is the air inside your home and workplace? Ventilation is key In the 1980s, new buildings began to increase insulation in order to make buildings more energy efficient and cheaper to heat. However, this can sometimes seriously reduce indoor air exchange leading to dangerous increases in interior pollutants and CO2. Building materials Many of our current building materials release chemicals…read more

Build Wellness Right into Your Home and Office

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Many people still think of wellness as something you ‘do’ but leading minds in engineering and building believe wellness must be incorporated into our everyday environments – like the buildings we live and work in. How healthy is your environment? Given that on average people spend about 90 per cent of their lives indoors it’s a wonder we didn’t place more importance on wellness in our homes and workplaces sooner. Just as the LEED rating system gave us healthy environmental design standards, the new WELL Building Institute has established design…read more

What is Preventative Medicine and Why is it Essential to the Future?

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Until very recently, healthcare systems across the world have been reactive in nature. A person becomes ill and reacts by seeking treatment. Healthcare professionals and individuals now understand the need the change to a proactive healthcare model. This article explains what preventative healthcare is and why it is so important to the future of our global communities. What is preventative medicine? Preventive medicine means individuals and healthcare professionals work to prevent diseases before they occur as opposed to treating them. Our health is affected by environmental factors, genetic predisposition, infectious disease and…read more

Five Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits and How to Break Them

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1. Skipping breakfast During the morning rush to get out the door, it’s tempting to just grab a coffee and go. However, skipping breakfast causes your metabolism to slow down in order to conserve energy. This negatively affects your overall performance and your ability to concentrate. You’re also more likely to overeat at lunch as a result. Solution: Eat within two hours of waking up. The best breakfast balances protein, fat and carbohydrates, such as whole grain toast with low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter. 2. Constant anger, worry or stress…read more

Fashion with Function

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Designers are always looking for new ways to make fashion more interesting and dynamic. Technology offers exciting ways to bring function to apparel and accessories. Here are some of the trends happening in wearable fashion right now. Charge It Someday soon you may be able to power your electronics with your clothes. Start-up Wearable Solar has begun using flexible solar panels to make lightweight wired garments that allow you to charge you smartphone up to 50 percent if worn in the sun for a full hour. York-based Voltaic Systems makes a collection of bags…read more

Five New Healthy Living Trends We Think You’ll Want to Try

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As healthy living trends continue to grow in popularity, we’re putting the spotlight on five up and coming trends we’re ready to get on board with. 1. Juice will be center stage Juice bars and juice manufacturers have seen great success in the last year, including a $90 million dollar investment by Coca Cola in juice company Suja. New kid on the block, Juicero, is set to change the landscape with the world’s first at-home, cold-press juicer. With already $100 million in investments, this one looks like it’s going to make a big…read more

Athletic Wearables to Help You Get the Most of Your Activity

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The best wearables fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, like these wearable devices that offer insights and assistance when you’re being active. Cycling navigation aid Whether you’ve rented a bike while on vacation, or are just cycling in an area you’re unfamiliar with, it’s a hassle to stop and pull out a map or smartphone. Adafruit, a company that sells DIY electronics and kits, developed a helmet to solve exactly this problem. It has a built-in navigation system that uses lights that flash on the left or right to let you know where to…read more

The Many Benefits of Power Naps

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If you can’t seem to get enough sleep at night, or need to beat the afternoon slump, a quick nap can do wonders for physical energy and mental alertness. Napping is natural We all know napping is important for children, but most of us don’t make time to nap as adults. More than 85% of mammals nap throughout the day and napping is an important aspect of many cultures. A short nap of about 20 minutes is shown to restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes without leaving you feeling…read more

Top Quotes and Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs

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Any seasoned entrepreneur knows that you never get it all right the first time. Start-ups experience more failures than they do successes, but it’s all about the lessons learned. Here are 5 valuable quotes based on real experience, wins, losses and lessons. 1.Stay stupid The only way a side project will work is if people give themselves permission to think simple, to change their minds, to fail — basically, to not take them too seriously. – Tobias van Schneider designs and builds new products for Spotify 2.The 20-40-60 rule “At 20, you’re constantly…read more