How Transformative Technology is Changing the World

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Today, people across the globe are generally comfortable using technology. They welcome advancements in technology, particularly ones that improve the quality of their everyday life. To answer this desire, there is an entire industry dedicated to creating technologies that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience called Transformative Technology. What is transformative technology? Transformative technology seeks to help people access and develop their mental and emotional wellbeing so that they can experience their best selves every day. Simply speaking, transformative technologies (or ‘transtech’) are scientific devices and…read more

Wearable Devices for Environmental Monitoring and Health

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To celebrate World Environment Day, this post highlights environmental monitoring devices, which help to raise awareness about external factors that affect our health. The majority of wearable devices are aimed at recording information from the wearer. Designers of environmental monitoring devices aim to arm wearers with important information about their environment. Pollution, UV exposure and transit are three excellent examples of how this technology can be applied to daily life. Pollution Awareness In the case of pollution, for example, the device could let the wearer know when he or she…read more

How Smart Wearables Can Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

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The world of smart wearable tech is still in its bourgeoning phase and the possibilities are endless. Understanding the different artificial intelligence makes in wearables is the key to understanding its potential. Why wearable? A wearable is more than a device; it works like a part of the wearer. It shouldn’t impose any additional social, psychological, or ergonomic burden on the user. In today’s hectic world, a person could easily lose or leave a personal electronic device behind one, but is unlikely to walk out of the house without clothes….read more

What Makes a Wearable Smart? The Limits of Activity Trackers

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  The surging popularity of wearables has lead to the evolution from devices that just track, to devices that can actually learn and communicate with you. Get the most out of your wearable by understanding the difference. 1. Heart rate monitors The problem: Tracking your heart rate can be a great way to help you get the most of your workouts. However, you need to actually make the time to exercise. Most of us find it difficult to make time for fitness. The solution: A smart wearable that helps you…read more