2017 Food Trend: Flexitarian is the new Vegetarian

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We all know that eating less meat is good for our health and good for the environment. However, for many, social pressure creates the fear that once you go vegetarian or vegan you can never eat meat again without begin seen as a hypocrite – until now! The major predicted food trend of 2017 is flexitarianism – touted as a more realistic and achievable alternative to vegetarianism or veganism. Flexitarian A flexitarian might only eat meat on weekends or when eating out socially. The idea is that it is up…read more

Earth Day: How Living a Healthy Lifestyle Helps the Environment

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You probably didn’t know that living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to celebrate Earth Day year round. Many of the cornerstones of healthy living aren’t just great for you – they benefit the environment as well. Exercise that benefits the environment Biking or walking to work is a great way to build exercise into you day. Just leaving the car at home for short trips is a good first step. It’s also great for reducing traffic congestion, lowering auto emissions and improving the quality of our air. Eating…read more